We are QuikCLear
The Headlight Lens Restoration Miracle

Changing how the world restores headlight lenses - instantly -

Resale of QuikClear Individual Packs

One Pouch instantly Clears hazey or fogged headlight lenses

Individual pouches are available for purchase. Each pouch is resealable, has a convienient hang tag, and has an unlimited shelf life. Inside is enough QuikClear solution to clean 6 or more headlights.
Place QuikClear in your auto appearance section, and watch it sell. Those waxing, polishing and trying to improve their cars appearance will certainly want to improve their headlight appearance at a much lower price point than other products.

Significant Reseller discounts, higher profit margins.

  • Other headlight lens clearing products that requires rubbing, polishing, buffing at $10 - $25
  • QuikClear with NO rubbing NO Buffing, INSTANT RESULTS! Restores more lenses than the competition.
  • Lower per package cost encourages impulse purchases.

  • QuikClear is packed in either a one pouch per card, or two pouches per card, allowing for value added offerings. Clip Strips are available with 12 packs (double or single) per Clip Strip

    mockup Card dimensions - 4.5'" wide, (11.5 cm) 10" tall (25 cm) .7oz (19 grams) weight. Contains (1) 2" x 3" ( 5.1cm x 7.6cm)"Sponge Wipe" and approx 8Ml., of QuikClear solution, presaturated into the "Sponge Wipe". Shelf life is two years

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Reseller price list is available by filling out the included form.

QuikClear is now available in Clip Strips, (12 per Clip Strip, in either single or double carded packs), for easy display and increased impuse purchases.


Private Label

We offer private labeled product.

QuikClear is also available as a "Private Label" product.

We do offer QuikClear as a private label product. If you would like to have a custom printed blister pack, with your own logo, ideas, and grahics, we can accomodate your needs.

All packaging is made and assebled in the USA. We have a special pouch specifically for private label where the pouch is generic and has no branding or UPC code.

All you have to do is provide us with your completed artwork for the backing card, and leave the rest to us. Generally minimum order quantities are about 6200 units, in either a one or two pouches per card.