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QuikClear Reviews

During the later winter and early spring of 2016, after testing and developing this product, we ventured out to various Southern California shopping centers, malls, anywhere there were a bunch of cars with hazy headlight lenses. We also sent out emails to people asking to try QuikClear in exchange for posting a review after they used it. This was done through,, , and a few forums, such as to name a few.

Along with the samples was an invitation to provide a review on how QuikClear worked for them. (we directed them to this website). We further explained that this was simply a test, and their input would be valuable in the product development. What you see below are the actual web submitted comments from those who recevied their windshield mounted or emailed sample offer.

We did not correct any spelling or grammer errors. What you see is what they wrote.

Found this on my car today. I thought it was some sort of politcal ad. I read the letter with it, and decided to give it a try. My lenses really needed to be clearer. I have to say, with one wipe as a test, it cleared my lenses, butter than I could have very thought. Best of all, it was easy and fast. Just like it says.

Left on my windsield today while at Target. Was not sure what it was. Read the package, and realized that my headlights were looking bad. My husband applied the quickclear as per the instructions, and they look like new again. I need more!

It's a winner. Selling for $5? Should be more.

I heard about QuikClear from a neighbor. I know Ted, the maker of QuikClear and went to his house to buy one. Previously, I had a detailer look at my lenses and was quoted $60. I went to the Auto Parts Store, and everything was over $15 and required lots of rubbing, polishing and power tools. I heard baking soda and vinager would work NOT! Ted gave me a pack of QuikClear.I wiped it on, and to my amazement, the lense is clear and clean. For what? $3.49. (He actually gave me a pack). But still, the savings were fantastic and the results are unbelievable.

I found out about this from all things, an email weather forecast. It was a free offer to try QuikClear. I recevied my sample in the mail a few days later. My lenses were not that bad, but were starting to get cloudy. I applied quikclear as shown on the pouch. WOW! What a difference. I am told it retails for $4.99? What a deal. I have enough left over to clean at least 3 more cars. Thank you!! A great time and money saver.

I received an email offer to try quikclear for free. All I had to do was provide some feedback. So here goes- My Mercedes has very large clear plastic lenses. They were foggy, and needed help. I was going to replace them, but just by chance, the email showed up for a free sample. What timing. After cleaning the lenses with Windex, and siped on quikcker, and boy, my lenses are perfectly clear, shiny, and look like they just came from the detailer. To be honest, you are not charging enough. 4.99 for 6 headlights? A rare deal. Try it. For 5 bucks, you have nothing to lose.

Found a sample of quikclear on my car while at the beach this weekend. I put it in my glovebox to try. I just did. Frankly, I had my doubts. I tried it on a small section of my headlight. Nice. Went ahead and did both of my lenses. Worked better than I expected. This is a really nice product and it seems to do what it says.

A friend of mine gave me a little sample of this. He knows the guy who made it. My head lights are terrible. Tried this stuff and it really did the trick. Now my lights are clear and clean. This stuff worked really well. Thank you .

It worked fine. Thank u.

Tried it and it worked. My headlites were pretty ugly and foggy looking. I was going to buy a kit to fix them, but I found this on my windshield at the mall. I see it sells for $4.99. Good price and it does a good job. No effort.

I used your product on the headlights of my 2005 Lexus.... They had really turned yellow and filmy with age and wear. With just one application of QuikClear, they look like new again! Thanks!

It worked pretty good on my 2004 Mustang. Now lets see how long Quikclear lasts and long term effects. Thank you.

Got a free sample and used it - does seem to work well at clearing the lens

I used QuikClear on the headlights of my 2004 Toyota Prius and it worked like magic! The headlights are angled so over the years the sun had faded the clear plastic. With a simple swipe of the QuikClear cloth, the faded headlights immediately became clear and looked like new. This product worked as advertised and I would recommend it to anybody who has faded headlights. I give it 5 stars.

First off, I am not a paid endorsor of this product. Nor do I ever write reviews. After receiving it free and using it, I just had to let everyone know that QuickClear "REALLY" works! I opened the package and simply whipped it on my (03 saturn) very old cloudy headlight lenses. Instantly there was a difference, It looked NEW!!!! I waited a week to write this review just to see if the NEWNESS would go away. It still looks like new! I definitely will be recommending QuickClear to friends and family.

The lenses covering the headlights on both of my 10+ years old Quads had lost their clarity but after applying QuikClear they are now once again crystal clear. Same with the Headlights on my 15 year old RV. Great product!

1997 BMW Z3 Roadster
Biggest issue for me was trying to figure out if the package was designed to be "resealable/recloseable." Since the instructions indicated that the swab pad should be stored in a sealed container, the top of the package seemed to include a zip-lock seal. After much work, I just cut the package open with scissors.
Application was easy, but the initial wipes on my headlight covers seemed to apply too much product. I was concerned about over-coverage, and then not having enough product to hit the taillight lenses and exposed 3rd Brake light lens. After those Newbie-aspects, all went well, and the clarity improved dramatically.
I am looking forward to gauging the durability of the product. I'd love to see a 2-3 min Application Video on the website.
I'd suggest this product to friends who have oxidized headlight and taillight lenses on their vehicles! Good Luck Ted!

The product is very easy to apply. I used it on my 2007 Sierra that had sun damaged lenses anywhere from mild to completely foggy. The mild to moderate lenses were greatly improved and the foggy lenses improved to where I could at least see the bulb inside. That is pretty much what the package states will happen and should improve the effectiveness of my headlights.

My headlight lenses were quite clear to start. However, this seemed to improve them. I am curious to what extent this application will protect the plastic lens from future oxidation and keep them looking new. Applied QuikClear to the rear lamp lenses as well.

I have tried other products that didn't work so I had low expectations. But this worked amazingly well. Even my wife was blown away. I was able to restore 4 sets of headlights. I highly recommend it.

This stuff works! For how long, only time will tell.

Did not make my 15 year old Chevy pickup heads and tails look exactly like new but sure made a noticeable and positive difference. Great buy for the money

Performed the wipage on a 1995 and went from white / oxidized to a shiny lens... You could tell there was some "internal damage" to the lens. But thats 'internal'. worked great !

Wow...this stuff really works! I meant to take before and after photos of our '92 Subaru Legacy fogged and yellowed headlights, but forgot so you'll just have to take my word for it. Very easy to apply and with a couple of swipes of the QuikClear cloth, the headlights on our old car were clear again. Thanks for the free sample!

One application cleared up my foggy headlights...I am very impressed with this product!


Just a note to thank you for sending me a sample packet. I followed the instructions and so far so good. I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota truck and for some reason the driver's side head light cover keeps turning yellow. I have tried every product available, including buffing etc. So far your product really works. I will let you know how it will look in another couple of months.
After a couple of weeks still rate as 5-stars; easy to apply and appears to be the best product that I have used. I will let you know more in a couple of months. But so far 5-stars
You can use my recommendation.

Used it on our Hyundai , which wasn't too bad anyway. But looks good. I expect to use it on some other vehicles that are worse yet and will advise.

OK, I was skeptical to say the least. Last time I refinished my headlight lenses by sanding them down with 1000 grit (superfine) sandpaper and then spraying on a clear-coat of urethane spray paint. It took a few hours, lasted for a few years, but now the clear is flaking off and the lenses look dull.

I applied QuickClear over the old scratched lenses and fogged clear coat with no preparation whatsoever (despite the prep instructions that are noted on the packaging. I applied to one headlight, didn't look too bad. THEN, when I went and looked at the headlight that I had not yet treated to compare, and I was quite impressed - the treated headlight looked SO much better.

Application took just a couple minutes. Hopefully the effect lasts a long time, but even if it doesn't - it was so simple and fast to apply... I will just do it again.

The envelope was stained from apparent leakage?? When I read that 1)apparently I had to first clean headlights with ammonia based cleaning product (I have eliminated ammonia based products from my home) 2) had to use gloves because of stickiness - so gloves would have to be thrown out and not sure if package would leak some more - I decided too experimental for me and threw it out.

The application was very easy. The results were an improvement in the clarity of the headlights.

What an awesome product! Cleared up the headlights on a 2005 car that has never been kept n a garage! Quick and easy! Thanks for the sample. Will be recommending thins to anyone who mentions they need to clear up their headlights!

06 civic with light to medium haze. Instructions were clear when on easy. It did a great job, now time will tell the rest of the story.

This product did wonders on my 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. Probably saved me about $100.00!! I highly recommend it.

It worked. The instructions were clear, as are my headlights now!

Have a 99 Tacoma whose headlights were very cloudy just from sun damage. Used the quikclear and it's almost like putting oil on your lens it gets that clear. The change is instant and actually called the dude over to check them out when I was half done with one lens so he would believe me. Now I can't wait to see how it holds up. Great product so far!

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